Well designed HR Policies & Procedures are the foundation of a good employment relationship. Getting your HR wrong can be both costly and disruptive to business.
Recognising this impact MPCG have created a service called entrustHR.
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  • Cost Effective and Responsive
  • Immediate and unlimited advice offering in particular employment law advice to line managers and directors
  • A dedicated and qualified consultant to act as a reference point/sounding board to prevent and solve problems
  • Regular updating of the employee handbook
  • An annual HR business review which assesses current procedures against identified best practice and sets out the necessary action required to achieve agreed improvements and mitigate risk
  • Revision of Policies and Procedures
  • Regular bulletins with HR and employment law updates
  • Provision of standard HR documentation such as employee contract templates, letter templates, standard correspondence with staff, etc.
  • HR project management (to be advised on an assignment basis: HR project management (to be advised on an assignment basis:
    1. Employment Law Advice
    2. Handling Contention
    3. HR Support Meetings
    4. Recruitment and Selection Planning and Advice


    •       Our team will conduct an onsite organisational HR review to assess your needs and define our support. The outcomes of the review will be an entrustHR report highlighting

      1. What areas are fit for purpose
      2. Where there are opportunities forimprovement
      3. Areas where there are serious issues /remedialaction recommended

      • A well written contract which reflects your organisation’s circumstances, can help ensure that your employees understand their employment rights and responsibilities, thereby reducing the likelihood of a dispute. An employee handbook clearly sets out the conditions of service for employees and we will help you to review existing or implement new.
      • MPCG will provide relevant policies and procedures where needed to support your organisation with its legal compliance and to promote good practice. Through partnership, we will work with you to identify the appropriate HR policies and procedures for your organisation.
    • Whether you need a ‘critical friend’ to bounce an idea around with or someone to attend a difficult meeting at short notice, entrustHR provides that support.
      • Telephone Helpline
        Our clients know that when they call MPCG their call will be taken by their ownHR Manager. If they are unavailable, our clients know that their query will be answered by their second named consultant.  We are committed to providing you with consistent, practical support when you need it.

    Specialist HR Services

    We also recognise that there are times when HR teams may need additional capacity or expertise.  MPCG is able to provide professional hands-on resource as and when needed through our Specialist HR Support Services.

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    • Examples of services offered include:
      • Employee Surveys
      • 360 Feedback
      • Pyschometric and Development Assessments
      • HR Audits
      • Policies, Procedures & HR Process Reviews
      • Job Evaluation
      • Reward
      • Coaching and Mentoring
      • Sucession Planning